Self harm


Why do I self-injure?

People self-injure for all sorts of reasons, but often it is because feelings like anger, sadness and fear have become too painful to deal with. 

Sometimes people self injure because of pressure and stress from things like relationships, family problems, school, sexual worries or as a way of dealing with horrible situations like abuse or the death of someone close. 

The reasons why people self-injure vary from person to person and won’t be the same for everyone. Some of the reasons might include: 

  • Dealing with high emotional pain and making it more bearable 
  • Expressing pent-up feelings such as anger and self-hatred 
  • Making yourself feel alive and present in the moment 
  • Preventing your suicidal thoughts from becoming overpowering 
  • Giving into urges due to stressful and high intense negative situations (e.g. difficulties at home)
  • Feeling like you have no other option 

No one reason is more valid than the other. Everyone who self-injures is going through a struggle of their own.